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Business Transactions

Kinkin & Partners consults clients in the negotiation and conclusion of all types of commercial transactions and contracts. An important part of our work includes providing legal advice and representation to physical persons. The Kinkin & Partners lawyers have a thorough knowledge of contractual and contract law, which, in combination with the rich and diverse practice, allows us to finding effective and appropriate solutions to each case.

The legal services we provide in the area of commercial transactions include:

• active assistance in the stage of negotiations between parties, including suggestions for structuring and regulating their relations based on our years of experience;

• preparation of all documents relevant to the transaction and the reached arrangements;

• consultation and legal assistance in connection with procurement, implementation and breach of contractual obligations and compensation for damage caused by breaches, termination, cancellation and destruction of transactions and contracts;

• advice and resolution for any non-contractual obligations as a result of torts of an act performed without a mandate or unjust enrichment.


Vladimir Kinkin Partner email (+359 2) 980 34 75
Nikolay Radev Senior Associate email (+359 2) 980 34 75
Dilyana Tsoleva Of counsel email (+359 2) 980 34 75
Svetlana Mandeva Office manager email (+359 2) 980 34 75