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"Kinkin & Partners" is a leading law firm that unites the legal practice of expert lawyers and is the result of many years of work dating back to 1986. Our rich experience and the numerous successful professionals on our team have distinguished our firm as one of the leading in the country.

Our commitment to always strive for even higher standard and quality of work motivates us to build on our achievements and tradition and dives to always find ways to work even better.

The “Kinkin & Partners" lawyers have a long and rich experience in the legal services. Our business successfully combines legal advice and excellent litigation practice. This effective combination allows us to provide customers with comprehensive service and protection.

We have been proving our professionalism for more than 25 years. We collaborate with leading global law firms in the implementation of international projects. Our experiences and opportunities allow us to assist our clients and help them realize their goals.

Our top priority is to develope a competent, modern and business oriented practice. Our team of experienced and driven professionals is at the core of our success in achieving this goal.


Free electricity market can meet the individual needs of each major consumer, the so called "Privileged consumer" by leading to optimization of the costs for…
According to the latest amendment to Law on Renewable Energy from 24.07.2015, actual realization of renewable energy projects can be conditionally divided into…
We are pleased to announce about the professional growth of Siyana Veleva in the Kinkin & Partners’ team. Since 01/09/2015 she holds the position of…


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